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Welcome! I'm Natalie. I'm currently a PhD candidate at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University. 

In a few years, I'll be looking for my dream job where I talk about service in science. I'm always eager to chat on Twitter, via email, or even better, in person. Favorite topics include mental health, inclusion, and adaptation.

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1/20/20: This spring I'm assisting Dr. Natalia García with her Birds of the World course, which is a great excuse for me to review my own ID skills. 


9/4/19: I'm redesigning my Writing-in-the-Majors course in Evolutionary Biology with a new focus on the practice and theory of evolutionary research... I'm lucky to have such an engaged group of students with whom I can explore these ideas! 

6/18/19: After busily writing for the last several months, I am facilitating a Summer Writing Group supported by Cornell's Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement. I'm hoping to churn out the manuscripts I'm belaboring. 

5/3/19: With Graduate Women in Science and Ithaca 500 Women Scientists, we organized the first Empowerment Retreat to support gender equity in science. This event was the last of my tenure as President of GWiS, but I'm leaving with many more ideas for supporting grads at Cornell.

1/31/19: I learned that I won a Cook Award for my "dedication to women’s issues at Cornell [that] significantly exceeds expected job responsibilities." Thanks to everyone who's unfailingly showed up to support me—you deserve your own award!

1/22/19: I'm teaching the biology portion of a course called the "Art and Science of Birds," and enjoying this opportunity to think across disciplines. I hope that the third time's the charm, and I magically learn to draw starlings accurately.

12/5/19: I presented some of the research I completed in Australia at our departmental symposium. We're finding neat patterns that I hope to share publicly soon.

10/13/18: I arrived at the University of New South Wales for a month-long trip to collaborate with Dr. Lee Ann Rollins and Katarina Stuart on starling invasions. Thanks, Lee Ann and Kat for the opportunity to plan out starling research (and hang out at the beach!) NY welcomed me back with a blizzard in November.

8/19/18: I attended IOC 2018 in Vancouver, where I gave a poster covering my North American starling work and a bit of the global starling project. 

8/15/18: Yoselinda Mendoza and I are co-leading a workshop on planning and accountability at part of the Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement's Summer Success Symposium.

8/1/18: I adopted a dog! This is without a doubt the highlight of my summer. 

7/26/18: Cornell's Chemistry department invited Intergroup Dialogue to facilitate the final day of their graduate student orientation, and I'm still riding the high of working with such invested and open grad participants.

7/17/18: My co-president Tram Nguyen and I met with EEB's incoming department chair to brief him on the changes we've made to graduate student governance. Here's to equity in service! 

6/7/18: Graduate Women in Science kicked off a new year with several new eBoard members. This year, I'll be stepping up to lead and we have a number of projects in the works.

5/7/18: Lee Ann Rollins visited Cornell to give the EEB seminar on her work with cane toads and starlings: it was wonderful to meet Lee Ann in person after working together for over a year!

4/7/18: We just finished up an incredible trip to Galápagos with 11 Cornell undergraduates, where I led the evolution component of their course.

3/9/18: With Janani Hariharan, I co-led a workshop on interviewing skills as part of the second annual Diversity Preview Weekend. Thanks to this year's lead organizers Stepfanie Aguillon and Amelia Weiss, it was an incredible success!

2/22/18: I finished co-facilitating a six-week graduate course (WRIT 7101) on how to teach writing with Kelly King O-Brien: thanks, Kelly, for the opportunity to learn with you!

2/4/18: The incomparable Tarana Burke, founder of the Me Too movement, shared her wisdom with us at Cornell. I am in awe.

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